B Corps featured on KZYX&Z, Corporations & Democracy

We’re spreading the word about B Corps in Mendocino County! Our vision is that Mendocino County will have the most Certified B Corps per capita than any other county in the U.S. And we’re on a roll: as of October 2015, there are 3 Certified B Corps in the county: Harvest Market, North Coast Brewing Co., and Thanksgiving Coffee Co.

To get the word out, Tom Honer (owner of Harvest Market) and I were featured on KZYX&Z’s popular Corporations & Democracy show on October 27, 2015. With Toni Rizzo as host, we delved deep into the world of B Corp Certification.

B Corp Certification is issued by the nonprofit B Lab when a for-profit company meets rigorous standards for social and environmental responsibility. The standards measure a company’s impacts on its workers, the community and the environment — which are considered equally as important as making a profit.

The B Corp movement seeks to create a new sector of the economy where business is used as a force for good, because nonprofits and government alone are not sufficient to solve the myriad social and environmental problems we face as a society. By creating a set of standards that quantify a company’s positive impacts, B Lab has created a platform for companies to continually strive to do better — and research shows that this leads to improved long-term financial performance for these companies.

Improved financial performance is not the only reason a company chooses to become a Certified B Corp. There are many other benefits as well, including recognition for positive impacts, increased consumer trust and loyalty, more engaged employees, the ability to hire the best talent, benchmarking against peers’ performance, and connection to an incredibly vibrant, motivated and inspiring community of Certified B Corps around the globe. (To learn more, go to www.bcorporation.net.)

Harvest Market became Mendocino County’s first Certified B Corp in February 2015, and has since achieved great things, such as reducing its landfill-bound waste by more than 50%. Such inspiration comes from being part of the B Corp movement. If you know of another company in Mendocino County that ought to be a Certified B Corp, please let me know and I’ll be happy to help them along their journey!

You can listen to our full radio program here.