Featured B Corp: MPOWERD

What is so cool about B Corp Certification is that it tells you so much about a company, even before you research the company. My favorite recent example of this is MPOWERD, the company that makes the Luci solar lantern.

I was given a Luci solar light by an amazing friend who loves to hike and has run several hard-core marathons in challenging environments around the globe. She is one of the best gift-givers I know, and, impressed, I tucked this light away (in a dark place, mind you) for some emergency occasion should one arise. During an intense winter storm on the north coast of California, we lost power for three days. “Aha!,” I thought, “now would be a good time to give this little light a try!” To my utter amazement, it lit right up after almost a year of storage in the center console of my car.

When our power came back, I went online to see about buying Luci lights for friends and family. I quickly found that MPOWERD is a Certified B Corp. This little light just became a whole lot cooler in my view, because that certification told me that this is a for-profit company with a strong set of values that give it the heart of a nonprofit.

You see, Certified B Corps are businesses that voluntarily hold themselves to a higher set of standards for governance, transparency, and accountability for their impacts on their workers, communities, and the environment.

Indeed, MPOWERD’s mission is to not only grow a successful business, but also to deliver solar justice to the world at large. They have developed a durable, lightweight, affordable solar light that allows children to study after dark and homes to have light without exposure to noxious fumes of other fuel sources. Innovative Buy/Give programs enable customers to help the cause and deliver light to those in need in developing countries. Through partnerships with NGOs in more than 30 countries, tens of thousands of Luci lights have been delivered to families in the developing world.

See, I told you that B Corp Certification means a company is pretty amazing. In an increasingly cynical world, it is nice that there is a meaningful certification and logo that tells you that business can indeed be used as a force for good. Look for the B Corp Certified logo next time you shop, and you will know you are supporting a business that works to create positive impacts for all its stakeholders and make a meaningful difference in the world.