EVENT: The HEAL Program: An Inclusion Challenge Success Story! – 10/3/17

Learn how to create a B Corp employee benefit that costs employers nothing and provides financial security to employees. The HEAL Program (Helping Employees Access Loans) is an employee benefit created through a partnership between B Corp Heather Paulsen Consulting and the Savings Bank of Mendocino County, and is designed to benefit all 600+ employees of Certified B Corps throughout Mendocino County (California, USA). The HEAL program will also help to grow the B Corp movement because the benefit is available to all new B Corps as they certify. Credit for the HEAL Program inspiration belongs to B Corp Rhino Foods!

Date: 10/3/17
Time: Opening session
Topic: The HEAL Program (an Inclusion Challenge success story!)
Venue: The B Corp Champions Retreat; Toronto, Ontario, Canada