Harvest Market

Mendocino County's first Certified B Corp!

Project Description

“I had wanted Harvest Market to become a B Corp for over a year, but we weren’t making much progress. Hiring Heather for this project was a great decision — she got us through the certification process in under 5 months, in time for a major trade show! She also provided us a framework for improving our impact over the next two years, which will make re-certification a relative breeze.”
– Tom Honer, CEO, Harvest Market

While celebrating its 30th year as the Mendocino Coast’s premier family-owned, independent grocery store in 2015, Harvest Market became Mendocino County’s first Certified B Corp! They had wanted to become a B Corp for more than a year, but their busy management struggled to find the time to implement this complex project. They hired me to manage the project, which was completed on-time and under-budget — in time for an important trade show deadline!

Harvest Market has always been dedicated to having a positive impact on its 150 employees, the community and the environment, and B Corp Certification formally honors its commitment to be “the best, naturally.” Working together, it took us under 5 months to complete the B Corp Certification process.

Among Harvest Market’s B Corp highlights in 2014:

  • Customers and employees choose local community nonprofits to receive donations
  • Compensation for all employees is above both the minimum wage and the living wage
  • Recapturing condensed water from refrigeration units to flush toilets at its Mendosa’s location
  • On-site solar energy production

Shortly after earning its B Corp Certification, Harvest Market began focusing on waste reduction. While the vast majority of its waste was already reduced/reused/recycled, the team found more ways to improve. Within a few short months, the Bakery is down from 5 trash bags per day to 1 per day; the Meat department reduced its waste from 3 trash bags per day to only 1/2 bag per day; regular dumpster pick-up has been reduced from 50 yards per week to 24 yards per week; and the need for the store’s compactor dumpster was eliminated altogether.


Project Details

  • Client Harvest Market
  • Date October 2, 2015
  • Tags B Corp, Project Management, Strategy

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