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B Corp Certification in progress!

Project Description

“I was part of a team that had the opportunity to work with Heather on B Corps certification. She was extremely well organized and professional in presenting her proposal, personable, accommodating, and enthusiastic  in meetings, and represented us well in discussions with the certifying agency. The project was completed on time and on budget. Working with Heather was a pleasure.”
– Joan Katzeff, Co-Founder, Thanksgiving Coffee Company

Thanksgiving Coffee Co. has combined love of great coffee with social, economic and environmental justice since 1972. B Corp Certification was a natural fit, and a great way to receive recognition for the company’s deeply held values and ethics.

I began working with Thanksgiving Coffee Co. to gather the data and documentation required to complete the B Impact Assessment in April 2015. Highlights include:

  • Approximately 80% of their coffees are Fair Trade certified, ensuring that growers at origin receive fair wages
  • Most of Thanksgiving Coffee’s products are certified Organic and/or Bird Friendly, respecting the local environment and bird habitat
  • Thanksgiving Coffee Co. gives generously within its local community, supporting dozens of local nonprofit organizations and events every year
  • Training is provided to local growers to empower them to improve the quality of their coffees, thereby increasing the price they can command for their products

Thanksgiving Coffee Co. has been a pioneer in the specialty coffee industry since its earliest days, and has won awards for its leadership in producing high quality coffees and for promoting sustainability and peace. B Corp Certification is its next step in promoting these values among its farmers and consumers worldwide.

Project Details

  • Client Thanksgiving Coffee Co.
  • Date October 10, 2015
  • Tags B Corp, Project Management, Strategy

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